I recently got the chance to host an episode of The Big Life with one of my heroes, Dr Joe Vitale. Excitingly, the topic of our conversation was “How To Attract Money Now”.

Now, Joe knows a thing or two about money. He is a self-made multi-millionaire, star of The Secret, and a bonafide marketing expert. In the past I’ve purchased several of his programs, which have had a significant – and measurable – impact on my finances.

So… needless to say… I was excited about interviewing him.

Luckily, Joe was on fire, and gave away 60 minutes of cutting-edge abundance training.

Here’s 5 key lessons I learned from Dr Joe Vitale about attracting money…

1. Feel Like You Deserve Money

The biggest challenge in moving from scarcity to abundance is BELIEVING that you deserve wealth.

You see, most of us carry around all kind of BS stories about why we “can’t” get rich.

This is straight-up loco.

You can have any life you desire, and as Richard Bach sagely says:

“argue for your limitations, and they’re yours”.

That’s why step #1 is crucial: you gotta work on feeling like you DESERVE riches.

Here’s why.

The more you get used to the feeling of being rich – and this being inevitable or even “normal” for you – the quicker you’ll start to attract money.

So, start today: cultivate a deep belief that you deserve everything in life you desire (and be amazed at what happens…)

2. Give Without Expectation

Most of us are always “trying to get something”.

We don’t give away stuff openly – whether it’s money, value or time – unless we expect something in return.

This is NOT an abundant mindset.

(It’s “scarcity” personified!)

That’s why Dr Joe Vitale suggests you give to people who inspire you. Give money, time and energy to whatever – or whoever – gets you inspired.

That’s why I constantly invest in courses, books, organizations and people that inspire me.

It’s a sure-fire route to abundance.

And above all, try not to be stingy or tight with your money.

This only creates more scarcity and lack.

In fact, one of Dr Joe’s most famous beliefs is “the more I give, the more I receive.”

I love this… (and it’s proven true for me.)

Try this out, and you’ll discover that you can’t out-give the universe.

Give freely. Follow your inspiration.

Just try it…

You’ll find abundance comes back to you in floods.

3. Ask For Help

This one is simple:

Most of us are too scared to admit we’re flawed, uncertain, or unsure of what to do.

So we struggle on and try to figure everything out on our own.

F*** that.

Get over yourself and ask for some help!

This is the quickest shortcut to success you’ll ever find!

So go meet people who have progressed further than you.

Join mastermind groups. Attend seminars. Take courses online.

Hire a coach. Read inspiring books. Reach out to authors or experts (they’re usually always happy to hear from ambitious, committed people like you.)

Learn from people who already have what you want.

There’s no need to reinvent the wheel.

After all, success leaves clues

4. Practice “Prosperous Spending”

This is one of my favourite examples of having an abundant mindset.

The gist of it is as follows:

If you (1) have the desire for something; (2) have the money to buy it; (3) you MUST buy it… otherwise you’re affirming your belief in scarcity!

Yep… this is a tough one to live.

(For me, at least.)

We’re constantly telling ourselves we “can’t” have what we want.

But when you experiment with this, you’ll discover that the more you reward yourself with the things and experiences you desire (without going into debt), the more money you attract.

It’s nuts… but it works for me.

So try it today – treat yourself to something you want.

Doesn’t have to be big… just something you have an authentic desire for.

Make sure to feel AMAZING when you hand over the cash.

And enjoy the feeling of abundance (and the abundance you’ve invited into your life.)

5. “Nevillize” Your Goals

Dr Joe Vitale recommends a specific form of Creative Visualization, which he calls “Nevillizing” (after the extraordinary New Age author Neville Goddard.)

This means that you visualize your perfect future…

Every single day…

But – crucially – FEEL THE EMOTIONS you’ll feel when you succeed.

This simple yet powerful practice transforms your energy… boosts your confidence… and communicates your biggest dreams to your subconscious mind (and the infinite intelligence of the Universe).

The result?

Seemingly miraculous and unlikely coincidences & good fortune.

Extraordinary money-making ideas.

And money flowing to you, in ever-increasing amounts.

This alone is a life-changer.


So, there you have it, 5 simple ways to attract money now.

If it feels like too much, pick one or two of the points and try them out today.

You’ll be astonished at how powerful this can be… (You can thank me when you’re living an abundant lifestyle).

Here’s to your abundance!


– Carl

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