L-R. Back row: Nic Ho, Vishen Lakhiani. Front row: Rebecca Ambler, Carl Harvey, Olga Drobysheva

Every week on The Big Life you get a brand new – and exclusive – training session with the biggest names in personal growth, completely free of charge.

As you can imagine, this requires a HUGE amount of work!

From booking (read: chasing!) the A-List guests… to planning the trainings… not to mention the technical challenges of hosting a live show for up to 30,000 attendees… naturally, I couldn’t do all this on my own.

That’s why I have an epic team working hard behind the scenes to get you your Big Life fix every week. They all absolutely rock. I’m very lucky.

So on this page, I want to introduce you to them… The Big Life’s unsung heroes. Seriously – The Big Life wouldn’t exist without these dudes!

Here’s a bit more about these awesome folks…

Nic Ho – Marketing Guru. Nic is my brother from another mother. The dude is a marketing expert, constantly comes up with ways of making The Big Life better for viewers, and does most of the day-to-day running of the show. In short, he reminds me what I’m supposed to be doing each day, and berates me for forgetting to do stuff. Repeatedly! Nic’s an amazing bloke, and literally the only negative thing I can say about him is he’s an Arsenal fan. Which is just awful. And heavily detracts from all the good stuff. Oh well.

Vishen Lakhiani – Co-Founder. Vishen has been my hero for years. I used to watch all his videos and TED talks, buy his Mindvalley courses, and basically just idolize him a bit. To get the chance to work with him every day is insanely cool for me. You know the best thing about working with Vishen? I’ve never met a dude who thinks as BIG as he does. To Vishen, there truly are no limitations to what you can achieve. (An awesome mindset to be around every day.) In terms of what he does day-to-day, Vishen helps with the vision behind The Big Life, constantly pushes me to provide more value to you guys, and encourages us all to build something truly kickass and life-changing. (No pressure!)

Rebecca Ambler – Social Media Vixen. Disclaimer – Bex is my beautiful and fabulous girlfriend, so everything I say has the chance of significant bias (consider yourself warned!) Seriously though, Bex does all The Big Life’s social media – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram – helped design and create this blog, and essentially ensures that I’m giving you the very best content I can. She also does a lot of customer love emails, looking after you when you write in. She’s smart as hell, funny and an absolutely charming woman. I’m very lucky to have her in my life, let alone helping me on The Big Life. (Note – yes, this review should get me in her good books for a couple days!)

Carl Harvey – Host and Co-Founder. Ooh – this is me. How fabulous. In short, The Big Life is my baby and my passion. It’s also my “job” to find inspiring guests, convince them to come on the show… and then create epic, life-changing training. I write all the emails, host the shows, shoot videos, and organize the exclusive Big Life special discounts (most authors offer discounts anywhere from 25-80% when they come on the show, which is badass). I absolutely love working on The Big Life – I get to speak to the most inspiring people on the planet, AND help people all over the world. I am amazingly grateful for this opportunity. Boom!

Olga Drobysheva – Head of Everything Else! I’m almost certain this Russian superstar has a clone. I’ve never seen anyone balance so many projects at once – with a typically Russian un-flappability (see, she’s so good I had to use a made-up word to describe her!) In short, Olga creates all The Big Life’s web pages, makes sure the live show goes off without a hitch, and ensures we’re making progress in all the areas we want to. Given my incredible lack of organizational skills, Olga has the patience of a saint and always makes sure I – eventually – get everything done. (Which is no small feat!)

So, that’s the team for you. An awesome group of talented, positive and rather good looking people.

I hope you enjoyed meeting us!

If you haven’t already, sign up for The Big Life here (it’s free!), or discover how The Big Life got started (it’s a pretty cool story.)

– Carl