Like all good stories, this one begins with an extraordinarily intense champagne hangover.

Let me explain.

I’d recently moved from beautiful Bondi Beach in Sydney to humid-as-hell Kuala Lumpur, to take my dream job as Head Copywriter for Mindvalley.

I was buzzing. For years I’d dreamed of landing this job – literally the only job in the world that I desired – and I’d made it here.

I was writing copy, launching new products, and helping Mindvalley sell millions of dollars of their (incredible!) courses…

And I was at peace.

That’s why…

I’d Been Celebrating At The Hip-Hop Club All Night, Popping Bottles of Champagne!

One thing you’ll discover about me is that I have an surprisingly congruent obsession with hip-hop culture.

Air Jordans (must have 20+ pairs now), Louis Vuitton (backpack and belt), the music itself (I rarely listen to anything other than Jay-Z, Kanye, Rick Ross, Drake, Dr Dre etc.)… and yes, popping champagne in the clubs.

For whatever reason, this lifestyle makes me feel at peace(Yep – I’m weird.)

Anyway – this particular Friday night I was celebrating in style – drinking, dancing and having an utterly awesome time. Life was good!

Fast-forward to the next morning, when I woke up in a seriously bad space.

Headache. Bellyache. Sick. Not wanting to move.

I’d resigned myself to spending the day in bed feeling awful, when…

I Got A Text Message That Changed Everything.

The message was from Mindvalley CEO Vishen Lakhiani.

A dude who I’d looked up to – idolized, even – for years.

A man who I loved spending time with, because his positive energy and self-belief is so palpable it makes you believe you can achieve anything.

Anyway, the message said “dude, come meet me for some lunch”.

And normally, I would’ve jumped up and gone right to meet him. No question.

But I was hungover. Sick as a dog. My head was pounding. And I didn’t want to leave my bed.

So I started to write a message, telling him I couldn’t make it, when…

I Got The Most Urgent & Intense Blast of Intuition…

… Telling me I must go meet Vishen. Immediately.

It was weird – a strong feeling deep in my gut, coupled with a quiet (but firm) voice in my head that said “dude… pull yourself together, and go meet him.”

Luckily, I’ve learned (many times!) in my life to trust my intuition.(Mainly because it usually seems to know more than I do!)

So, I delete my text, and compose a new one, saying “I’ll be there in 10 minutes.”

Turns out that this was…

A Truly Life-Changing Decision!

Here’s what happened. 

I go and buy Vishen lunch(but I’m too hungover to even look at food, so I just order a juice and sip it slowly as he eats).

We’re just chatting about “regular” stuff.

How I like it in KL. If I’m enjoying my work. Sharing his vision for Mindvalley.

(That’s the point I want to make… there was no “expectation” on my part… I was just putting myself out there, and following my intuition.)

We’re simply chilling, getting to know each other, talking shop.

Then – for no reason at all – I feel inspired to…

Ask Vishen A Totally Innocuous Question

First, some context:

If you don’t know Mindvalley, once a month they host a live training with amazing personal growth teachers. Everyone from Bob Proctor to Christie Marie Sheldon, to Lisa Nichols to Arianna Huffington.

These trainings are EPIC.

I’d attended dozens of them before I came to Mindvalley, so I knew first-hand how transformative they were.

And – after becoming an “insider” at Mindvalley – I’d seen literally thousands of positive testimonials from attendees, thanking Vishen and his authors for helping change their lives.

That’s why I didn’t think anything of my question.

To me, it was just a regular, straight-forward thing to ask.

But it opened up a whole can of worms.

I asked Vishen:

“Why do you only do one training a month? It’s amazing content and transforms lives. We should be doing one of these a week!”

That’s when…

His Answer Blew Me Away.

He said to me “Dude – that’s a great idea… what are you thinking?”

Now I was put on the spot.

And – remember – I was as hungover as a man can be… exhausted, head pounding and feeling WAY below my best.

But there’s one thing about me…

I always recognize an opportunity when I see one.

So I took a deep breath… paused to catch my thoughts… and spoke from the heart:

“For me, personal growth is an ongoing thing. It’s not a nice-to-do once a month thing. To really live big, to achieve success and happiness and love and achieve our purpose, we need to constantly be working on it. Every day. That’s why I think you should host weekly trainings. The audience will love them, and it will help them to get what they want, faster – and with less “hard work” – because they’ll build momentum every week. Hell, I could even host them if you don’t have the time.”

His eyes lit up.

(I knew he liked me because of my passion and positive energy, but this really was “putting myself out there”… so I was a bit nervous with what he might say.)

But he told me:

“Dude, I love it… I want you to host it. We’ll do it like a TV show, where you get a different guest every week. And we’ll focus on all areas of success. From making money to being at peace. And because you’re you, it will be fun, and different, and really powerful.”

In that moment, The Big Life was born.

Since that random moment, The Big Life has been exploding.

We launched and attracted 30,000 awesome people to sign up for the weekly shows.

Manifested the very best, A-List guests.

And have had literally 1000’s of positive comments and testimonials from people who absolutely LOVE the weekly training and are getting results.

For me, it’s a dream come true.

I’ve created a business with Vishen (bucket list goal #1)

We’re helping thousands of people to embrace personal growth – and live big – (goal #2)

And we are on course to do $1,000,000+ in sales in year 1 (goal #3)

All from the weird decision to follow my intuition.

Crazy, right?

3 Powerful Lessons You Can Benefit From

Even though I half shared this story for fun, I think there’s some BIG and powerful lessons to learn, which could help you on your journey to living bigger.

Here they are:

1. Have a clear vision.

You gotta know what you want.

I knew I wanted to work with Vishen. I knew I wanted to help people live big. And I knew I wanted to work with some of the most inspiring teachers on the planet. 

These goals were burned deep into my subconscious mind, because I wrote them down and visualized them often. 

In short, the universe KNEW what I wanted.

As Dr Wayne Dyer teaches, “you get what you think about most.”

Don’t focus on what you don’t want.

Focus on what you DO want.

(Simple idea, but tough to do in practice. Stick at it.)

2. Don’t sweat the details.

Frankly, I had no idea how any of these dreams would manifest.

I had no “plan”.

I just know that when you trust the universe to handle the details… it does.

So don’t be a micro-manager. There’s no need (and it actually makes things harder.)

Simply decide what you want. 

Focus on it.

Then let go… as much as you can.

You’ll be led to people, opportunities and favorable circumstances, I promise.

Then, when you get an idea for action, DO IT.

Take action.

3. Follow your intuition.

My body and mind were telling me “no” to meeting Vishen for lunch.

The champagne hangover was brutal.

And it was Saturday… I’d worked hard all week… I deserved a break.

(See how easy it is to rationalize ourselves out of new opportunities?)

Luckily, my gut was having none of it.  It SCREAMED “yes – go meet him”.

So I trusted my instincts… and my whole life changed.

(Not to mention the countless other people we’ve helped already.)

All in a heartbeat.

Over an unplanned lunch.


So here’s how the story ends.

I went back home after, told my girl Rebecca how excited I was to be starting a positive, important venture with Vishen.

I told her this was going to change our lives…

And promptly threw up everywhere.

Ah… there’s nothing like a happy ending.


– Carl

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