Holy smokes… I just finished recording an episode of The Big Life with one of my heroes, the one and only Bob Proctor.

He is an amazing dude. So inspiring. I’m still buzzing!

If, somehow, you haven’t stumbled upon Bob’s work yet, he is the Star of ‘The Secret’ and author of the international bestseller You Were Born Rich. Bob is a Law of Attraction expert, and an international authority on success and achievement.

Above all, he’s an incredibly inspiring and enlightened dude. 


So here’s 6 simple abundance lessons I learned from Bob Proctor:

1. Write your goals down!

I know you’ve heard this one.

But – do you practice it?

Well, Bob does!

Yep – he actually whipped out his wallet when we were speaking, and showed me the laminated card he carries around with his goals written down.

Here’s a quick question:

If a dude as successful as Bob carries his goals around with him… and focusses on them every day, repeating them out loud… shouldn’t you?

Hmmm 🙂

2. Visualize!

This is another one we all know we “should” do.

Bob told me the real secret to raising your energy is to frequently visualize your life AS YOU WANT IT.

So – every day, simply imagine yourself rich, happy, loved, successful, on purpose… or whatever else it is you want.

And… most of all… FEEL how you’ll feel when you succeed for real.

This changes your emotional state.

“Raises your vibration”.

And programs your subconscious mind for success.

And the key to succeeding with this is to…

3. Fall in love with your goal!

Here’s a tough truth:

It’s not enough to “want” your goal.

It ain’t enough to “desire” it.

You have to FALL IN LOVE with your goal, so it excites you and RAISES your emotional state every time you think about it.

Do this, and you’ll instantly become magnetic to what you want.

You’ll start to attract it like a magnet.

According to Bob, “This is the LAW”.

(And by the way — if you find it hard to get excited about your goal, Bob says you’re probably focussed on the WRONG goal.)

Just sayin’ ….

4. Don’t just focus on the Law of Attraction

Yes the Law of Attraction is important.

It’s crucial.

But it’s just one piece of the puzzle.

In fact, Bob revealed there are 11 Forgotten Laws which help you manifest whatever it is you want.

Because focussing on “The Secret” alone isn’t enough.

For example…

5. Practice the Law of Giving… and the Law of Receiving.

These 2 laws are opposite sides of the same coin.

Let me explain:

The Law of Giving states that whatever you give, you get back.

Like Dr Joe Vitale once taught me… “You can’t out-give the universe”.

That’s because the more you give… the more you’ll receive.

So give freely of your time, your energy, your focus, your money. 

Don’t “trade” all the time… be sure to GIVE.

Try this.. You’ll be AMAZED at what comes back to you.

Moving on…

The Law of Receiving is the other side of this.

This says you get back what you already gave out.

This is tough for some folks. They can “give”, but they suck at GETTING.

So – the trick is to figure out how to be OPEN and EMBRACE the gifts that come your way.

You have to be able to accept abundance joyously!

To ENJOY what comes to you.

(In other words, don’t be one of those people who finds it hard to accept money, praise, affection… or any other gifts… because soon you won’t get any more to celebrate…)


6. Give Back!

This is huge.

Bob says – don’t try and get rich so you can have more than your neighbour.

That’s not cool.

Instead, get rich because you feel inspired by a purpose.

For example, Bob loves being rich because it empowers him to BUILD A NEW SCHOOL IN AFRICA EVERY TWO WEEKS.

Incredible, right?

Well, it gets better.

When Bob hits his new goal (the one he carries around in his wallet), he will build a new school every single day.

Just imagine the impact you could have on the world if you thought like this…?

Powerful stuff.

Hope this gives you food for thought. 

Bob has certainly inspired me today!

And if – like me – you’re inspired, you can discover all of Bob Proctor’s 11 Forgotten Laws hereI’ve been studying this program for years and I still discover something new every single time I listen.

It’s powerful, mind-expanding, and utterly abundance-creating.

A firm 10/10 for me.

(Again, I’ve been studying it for years and still listen to this in the morning at the gym.)

I imagine you’ll gain a whole lot of value from checking it out. It’s a game-changer!


– Carl