I just got back from an awesome, inspiring lunch in Wellington with one of my mentors – Pete.

You might remember Pete from the video you saw immediately after signing up for The Big Life… he’s the self-made multimillionaire who gave me the book The Magic of Thinking Big (and changed my life in the process!)

Pete’s view of the world is amazing – he’s like a (slightly mad) Zen monk, who constantly reminds me to be grateful, live in the present, and get in flow with the universe.

Here’s a couple of Pete’s NEW abundance lessons from our lunch today, which I think will really inspire you like they have me:

1. Add A Zero.

I love this idea – Pete told me that back when he was selling life insurance, most premiums were sold for about $150k. This was “the norm”. How everyone did it.

Well, Pete decided to “add a zero” to this… and sell packages worth $1.5 million. (Even though everyone told him this was “impossible” and couldn’t be done.)

Armed with only his idea, self-belief and enthusiasm, he did it anyway… creating huge success for himself, becoming a leader in his field – and manifesting life-long abundance in the process. Boom!

The lesson here? Think bigger. Don’t ever limit yourself. Refuse to accept the status quo, and DECIDE for yourself what you intend to manifest. (And don’t let the haters tell you what’s “possible” for your life!)

So, stop for a moment now and imagine what could happen to your life if in 2015 you “added a zero” and thought 10x bigger than what you’re doing right now…

Exciting, right? 🙂

2. Success Is Like Racing Motorbikes.

One of Pete’s passions is racing motorbikes along dangerous routes, like the Rimutaka Range in New Zealand – a breathtaking route over a stunning cliff, with sheer drops 100’s of metres below, and no real safety barriers to speak of.

(I just drove there – in a convertible! – and it was the single most exhilarating and breathtaking ride of my life. Crazy scary… but tons of fun.)

In fact, here’s a Panoramic snap of the scenery:


Anyways, Pete told me that manifesting massive success (including money, happiness, love etc) is a lot like racing his bikes.

Here’s why:

When he’s riding his bike on those treacherous routes, he needs to be fully present. He must be completely focussed – paying full attention to the needs of the moment.

He can’t lapse in concentration – even for a second – so he “leans into every corner”, paying attention to all the signals from the universe… from gravity, to the weather, to what’s going on around him.

Pete revealed to me that creating BIG success is really similar…

Because once you have your plan – and your intention for the life you desire – you have to be fully present, every day. You have to sense from the universe what needs to be done next. And you need to be sure your focus is completely in alignment with the goal you want to manifest.

In short, you need to “lean into every corner”, executing every aspect of your plan with the same attention and focus that you would if you were racing a high-speed bike across a dangerous cliff-top – where one false move could send you tumbling to your death.

Seems like a lot to ask, right?

But here’s the thing: when you do this… you’ll experience the FLOW and PRESENCE and POWER that Pete feels on his bike – which seemingly leads to “good luck”, effortless success, and a tangible sense of momentum that obliterates challenges in your path.

Plus, you’ll start to find yourself in the right place at the right time… you’ll attract synchronicities, people and new opportunities… and you’ll get to your end result, whilst enjoying every moment of the journey.

The lesson here?

Focus! Treat every task – no matter how small – as crucial to your success. (Harv Eker teaches “how you do anything, is how you do everything”.)

And as you go about your day, feel the energy of the universe… and follow the subtle hints, clues and insights you get to help you manifest your desires.

Above all – enjoy the ride and create The Big Life!

Life is short… so lets make the most of it.

– Carl